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Stainless Steel Straws

These stainless steel straws are reusable, stylish and hygienic.

All our eco-friendly metal straws come with a cleaning brush and are dishwasher safe.


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Our Eco-friendly straws

Smidge’s collection of metal straws are designed to suit every drink, with curved, straight and wide styles (for smoothies) so that you can enjoy every drink sustainably.

Our sets of eco straws and handy long cleaning brush come in a drawstring travel bag, perfect for on-the go refuelling. These reusable straws are made from stainless steel, meaning that unlike other sustainable alternatives such as paper straws, they aren’t single-use and won’t go soggy!

Our range of stainless steel straws come in a selection of styles, choose from a curved, straight or wide smoothie straw or mix and match so that you can match your straw to any drink.

The curved metal straws are designed with a faux concertina hinge (the bendy part of a straw), with ridges cut into the bend which will provide grip and also a little nod to the plastic predecessors before sustainability was this easy.


Metal straws suitable for a fast-paced life

Hate forgetting your reusable shopping bags or cutlery when plans change? With our eco-friendly straws and travel bag set, you can keep your eco straws in your bag or backpack for any spontaneous smoothie or cold brew coffee stop. Not only are they made from durable (and sog-free!) stainless steel, these reusable straws are dishwasher safe and come with a handy long brush for deep cleaning by hand.

We know how easy it can be to lose keys in the depths of a bag, so with our handy travel bag, your metal straws will be kept safe from scratches and will be easy to find in any size and shape bag.


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We offer a wide range of everyday sustainable products. Alongside our stainless steel straws, we also offer similar eco-friendly items such as Insulated Travel Cups, Eco-friendly Chopping Boards and Eco Food Storage products.

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