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Travel Cup

From £9.80
  • 100% Leakproof. No leaks with screw top lid with watertight silicone seal.
  • Double walled, vacuum insulated, cup base keeps drinks hot for 6hrs or cold for up to 12hrs.
  • Made to last a lifetime with high quality food grade 18/10 stainless steel.
  • Easy to clean. Lid comes apart to provide a through clean, removing dirt build up and unwanted lingering smells.
  • Matching reusable bottle available.

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Built for day to day use, to be used again and again, at home or out and about. Just take me, use me, and fill me.
  • 100% Leakproof. No leaks with screw top lid with watertight silicone seal.
  • Double walled, vacuum insulated, cup base keeps drinks hot for 6hrs or cold for up to 12hrs.
  • Made to last a lifetime with high quality food grade 18/10 stainless steel.
  • Easy to clean. Lid comes apart to provide a through clean, removing dirt build up and unwanted lingering smells.
  • Matching reusable bottle available.

Care Guide

We provide detailed care instructions for all of our products. Download the relevant guide for this product through the link below.

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Your questions
If you already have this product and need after-purchase assistance, please contact support@wearesmidge.com.

On the insulated coffee cups does the lid screw on or push on. Thanks

The lid screws on. 

Hi there, is it possible to take the lid section apart to give it a more thorough clean? Many thanks

Yes, here's a video that explains how you can easily clean you Smidge Travel Cup's lid. :)

What is the lid made from?

Where possible we will always manufacture from natural materials, but there are times when manufacturing technologies are just not advanced enough yet to create a functional product only made of 100% natural materials, so we have to compromise a little. Our travel coffee cup lids are made from a BPA-free recyclable plastic, which allows them to be 100% leak proof and help reduce the use of single-use travel cups and single use coffee cups.

Hi, I have just bought two of your insulated cups. Are they dishwasher proof?

The lid is (you can find a how-to video with cleaning instructions here); while if you like the bright shine on your new cup, best to just dip it in the sink from time to time and wash by hand.

Does the insulated travel mug have enough grip so I can securely hold the cup while wearing gloves?

It will very much depend on the material of the gloves. This cup provides a similar grip to other painted cups, with the conical shape of the body (slightly wider at the top than at the bottom) making the grip more secure and comfortable.

Is Travel Cup double walled?

Yey, they are thermally insulated.

Does this fit in a standard car cup holder?

We have tested them in several cars and they fit, as they have a conical profile which is narrower at the bottom.

Hi I have bought 2 of your travel cups 355ml in citrus approximately 6 months ago and recently both have started to leak. I do not know why this has happened. Do you have any advice on how we could fix this? Many thanks


Make sure that the silicone gasket is on properly and that the lid is screwed on correctly. If the problem persists, get in touch with our Customer Team at support@wearesmidge.com to receive further help.

HI :) wouldn't it be too hot to take it with bare hands after making hot coffee in it? other cups have that silicone 'sleeve" thing on the outside. Thanks for the answer in advance

These travel cups will be fine to handle with your bare hands, as they are thermally insulated.

How do I clean inside the cup lid, does it come apart? Thanks

Yes it does come apart, there is a video guide on our website held against each product (it is the last image), see link highlighted

My lids smell. What are the cleaning instructions?

It is best to disassemble the lid first then wash all parts with hot soapy water. ( See video on website for disassemble instructions - scroll to last image)  or alternatively you can put the lid in the top shelf of your dishwasher

Hi, can the lid be disassembled? The design allows you to wash the lid in the dishwasher? I want to wash it, because there is a smell of the drink from the lid

Hi there, yesthe lid can be disassembled, look at the video (last image) it guides you through how to disassemble

what's the diameter of the bottom? I need to know if it will fit into my cupholder.

65mm widening to 85mm at the top

Hi there, What is the width of the cup at the narrowest point at the bottom please? I want to ensure it'll fit into my cars cupholder. Thanks

Narrowest point is 65mm, widnenng to 85 on the 355ml

I have some questions about your travel mug. 1. Where is your travel mugs manufactured? 2. What maternal is covered the metal mug? 3. Do you sell replacement parts for the travel mug. Thank you for your help.

1. Manufactured in China, under our strict quality control standards. 2. Highly durable paint finish. 3. we sell the lid as a seperate/servicable component

Need to know the base diameter to check whether it will fit in my car cup holder.

The base is 65mm and widens to 85mm, and has been designed to fit into most car cup holders

How does the lid come apart to clean as I have one for my disabled wife and it's great.

Glad you are enjoying your travel cup, simply click on the highlighted link to the video, (it is the second image down)

Good afternoon I bought one of you stainless steel cups from Barkers at Nothallerton a week last Saturday. When I use it the coffee does not come out when I have flipped the lid off. You have to unscrew the lid and then open lid then, tighten it up again then it work. I thought I was filling it up too much. It does the same thing when I fill it to the 12oz line. This is very inconvenient when traveling. Can you give me some advice on this please. Look forward to your reply. Kind regards. Simon

This is unusual and shoudl not behave in this way, may I suggest you disassemble the lid and mechanism, see video on last image, if you ahev any further issue please contact us here

Can it go in a microwave

Afraid not as the walls are made of stainless steel

Hi, my travel mug has become very tea stained inside. I have washed it after each use with soapy water but it remains stained. Any suggestions to get the tea stains off & help keep it clean? Thanks

The inside of the travel cup is made of stainless steel, so a steel cleaner, like Brasso - should do the trick, I would then wash with hot soapy water and leave to stand for 2 days before use - as this will allow the steel to heal itself.


Alternativey- bleach also works on porecelain, so see no reason why it would not work on steel

Hi I bought my wife 1 is it dishwasher safe.

The lid is top shelf dishwasher safe. The body if coloured finish then no - as the colour tends to fade over time, if stainless steel finish then fine in the dshwasher

How does the lid come apart on the cup/mug to clean? ive tried to find this answer on the website but can't find the answer. I don't want to break it by forcing it?

You can watch our video guide here for full instructions on how to disassemble and clean the lid.

Blue travel mug - insulated, 100% leak-proof
Picked by Woman & Home Magazine as 'STAR BUY' & 'BEST LEAK-PROOF' TRAVEL CUP OF 2019.

"Our favourite reusable cup was Smidge as it had the look of a traditional cup with all the leak-proof, keep-warm benefits of a vacuum flask. "

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Customer Reviews


In love with this cup!

I was looking for a nice sized coffee cup that I could throw I’m my bag and not have to worry about leaks and this cup does not disappoint! I love the clever mechanism plus the cup feels really good quality, has a nice weight and looks great! I will definitely be coming back for more in future!

Great quality and nice design!

This travel mug is hands down the best mug you can ever purchase. I seriously can't wait to prepare my cup of coffee in the morning because I know it won't leak all over my handbag. Thank you for making this little life saver! X


Cannot be more happy with the travel cup and company. Answered my questions and was super quick delivery. It is stunning and is perfect for what I need.

Great product

As I'm WFH I haven't really needed a travel coffee cup but I decided to test it out all the same. First off it definitely doesn't leak (provided you've got the lid on properly lol) - I really tested this element out. Also it keeps your drinks hot for hours, I left my tea came to it 3 hours later and it burnt my tongue - quality. Would recommend to all.

Best travel mug

Amazing mug - totally leakproof, lovely to hold and keeps drinks warm for ages. I love that it comes in a smaller size as I’m not one for large milky drinks.

definitely leak proof...

Having used various leak proof drinking containers for Backpacking, traveling to and at work, plus many outdoor activities including a short time in the territorial Army. Having over twenty years of usage of other brands, i can DEFINITELY recommend this SMIDGE leak proof travel cup . You really can just throw it your bag and is easy to clean as shown on the website... Also the leak proof bottle is Ideal for hot water. Keeps amazingly hot. WELL DONE SMIDGE, i am one very happy customer.

355ml Aqua Travel cup

Excellent product.
Keeps my coffee hot for hours+. The best insulated travel cup I've owned.
I use it on 12 hour shifts on the road as well as on my cycle commute to and from work.
Going to buy as a an Xmas present for friends confident they'll love it.

Leakfree and Eayy to Clean!!!

The best travel cup I have ever bought and would recommend this to anyone. When closed, I can put in my laptop bag and commute not worrying if it will leak and have had no problems so far. It even goes fishing with me as its bright orange so I wont lose it. The lid comes apart for easy cleaning as we all like the frothy lattes but not when we need to clean it after!! This is a breeze, though takes a knack to get used to it. Ive since ordered an aqua for my wife and the smaller one in coral for my daughter, It really is that good.... Brilliant!


I recently purchased an 8oz and 12oz travel mug in orange for myself and my 2 year old daughter for our daily tea party, the idea of a leak free cup was what caught my eye as finding a cup that my daughter could hold in her buggy etc without finding out that it had spilt down into her bum area on numerous occasions was going to be a winner for us!
She absolutely loves her cup and got the hang of opening and closing the lid really quickly!
It definitely keeps your hot drinks hot when they've been forgotten about! I would highly recommend to anyone searching for a decent travel mug or anyone trying to cut down on paper coffee cups! Looking forward to ordering bottles too!

Simply the best design

I have purchased many insulated flasks over the years to my wife's dismay but I have to say this is the best designed travel mug going, you cant over tighten it and ruin the thread and the lid really is leak proof, so you can rest assured when putting it in your bag it wont get your stuff wet. I currently have only tried it for cool drinks and it does a good job keeping your drink cool in hot conditions.
Would like to see a XL version as working in the transport industry having a larger travel mug that wont leak in your bag would be great, getting time to refill during your shift before a break is difficult and with a quick flip on the lid is ideal for a quick slurp to keep hydrated.
The colours available a great I personally like the bright citrus colour but would love to see a bright green and a better harder wearing coating, like the powder coating that I have on another flask that is resilient to scratching, I find that the paint on my flask has chipped easily, hence the 1 star deduction.
Would I recommend these flash, YES I would, Highly.

No leaks, love it

I use this cup daily, I make my coffee or tea at home and then throw it in my bag for my commute. It's never leaked once and I love the punchy colour.