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100% Natural Cups, Mugs & Jugs

Our eco-friendly cups, mugs and jugs are 100% natural and biodegradable. Ideal for picnics and camping but also dishwasher and microwave safe for use at home.


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Our Biodegradable Cups, Mugs and Jugs

Share the hydration with the 100% natural and biodegradable Smidge range of eco-friendly cups, mugs and jugs. 

Created from plant materials derived from corn, the Smidge eco-friendly jugs, mugs and cups are 100% biodegradable and won’t negatively impact the environment if left behind on a picnic or adventurous excursion.

Mix and match your serving set with our staple colours of coral, storm grey, aqua and citrus. Choose from the combination of storm grey and citrus, or storm grey and aqua for eco-friendly jugs that will complement the rest of your Smidge product collection. Sustainable and stylish, Smidge eco-friendly cups have oval shaped openings and a curved lip for easy, ergonomic drinking.


Eco-friendly mugs, jugs and cups that are built for living

Without any caution tag or catch, these biodegradable cups, mugs and jugs can ride around in the microwave or splash about in the dishwasher without damaging your new sustainable products. Perfect for hot and cold beverages, these eco-friendly cups and mugs are versatile for every occasion and refreshment on warm summer hikes and tea breaks alike.

Take us with you! Group your favourite colours to pour and drink from and we can join along on your alfresco dining or your camping adventures. With our stylish yet sturdy designs, you can be sure that we are resilient and hard-wearing, meaning that you can choose sustainability with ease.


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We offer a wide range of everyday alternatives to single-use plastic. Alongside our mugs and jugs, we also offer similar eco-friendly products with matching designs such as eco-friendly coffee cupsstainless steel water bottles and sustainable kitchenware.

Buy online with free delivery for orders over £10 to the UK mainland.