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Reusable Silicone Bowl Covers

These reusable silicone bowl covers make an easy job of storing your food while also allowing you to avoid single-use plastic. Freezer, oven and microwave safe.

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Our Reusable Bowl Covers

Cover leftovers in an eco-friendly, zero waste way with our silicone bowl covers and never again fiddle around with clingfilm.

You have gone through all of the effort preparing your meal, so why add on more time searching for the right sized tupperware to transfer your food into, or wrangle with the cling film wrap? The beauty of these silicone bowl covers is that they will fit on a range of bowls and are easily reusable, as once they’ve kept your food fresh, they can pop into the dishwasher with no added fuss.

These reusable food covers are tougher than their stylish teal and grey exteriors look, as they are designed for both hot and chilly climates. We silicone bowl covers can keep your leftovers company in the freezer and reduce freezer burn, then we can safely spin and minimise splashes in the microwave or hang out in the oven in temperatures up to 240°C.


Silicone bowl covers that are handy, hardy and harmonious with your Smidge collection

With the Smidge set of three silicone food covers, you can match your entire sustainable and zero-waste dishware and homewares, thanks to these reusable bowl covers being available in aqua and storm grey, perfect for colour coordination and to brighten up your leftovers!

Not only stylish in colour, the design of these silicone bowl covers are easy to use, with a raised central handle that allows for easy sealing and removal (even more important when you’re ready to eat your leftovers!). These bowl covers are designed to last, being made from durable and hardy silicone that means you can use and reuse them time and time again.


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We offer a wide range of everyday alternatives to single-use plastic. Alongside our bowl covers, we also offer similar eco-friendly products with matching designs such as Eco-Friendly Coffee CupsStainless Steel Water Bottles and Sustainable Kitchenware.

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