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Beeswax Wraps & Vegan Wax Wraps

Choose organic instead of plastic with our beeswax and vegan wax wraps. Wrap, wash and repeat.

Little changes, big statements.

Special promotion: receive a complimentary refresher set when you purchase either a Beeswax or a Vegan wax roll; your free refresher set will be added to your order automatically.

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Our Eco-Friendly Reusable Food Wraps

For many people who decide to change to a more sustainable lifestyle, it can be staggering to realise how many single use resources we use and depend on in our daily lives, such as plastic cling film. For this reason we have developed a range of beeswax wraps that not only bring style and individuality to your meal prep, but are the perfect cling film alternative.

To maintain their freshness, they can be washed with cold water and they’re ready to go again. By choosing to use beeswax food wraps, you can avoid single-use plastic and be confident you are making a healthier choice for the planet.


Plant-Based Vegan Materials

When committed to a plant-based lifestyle, it can be a shame that an eco food wrap doesn’t fit with your lifestyle choices. So with our special vegan wax wraps, you can keep pre-prepared meals or leftovers fresh. These reusable food wraps are easy to use, as the warmth from your hands allows the natural adhesive quality of the wrap to stick and mould to the edges of bowls or around bread rolls for a strong seal.

As an ideal present for someone committing to a plant-based lifestyle, these vegan wax wraps can be used for covering plates, containers or even around half an onion, to protect those precious layers.

A worthy investment because if you refresh your eco food wrap every few months, then you can use it effectively for a very long time.

After you’ve used and loved your reusable cling film to the max, all of our plastic free food preservation products are fully biodegradable, returning to the soil without leaving a trace. They are also compostable - when you’ve finished with them, simply cut them up in strips and put them in your home compost bin. Throw out the plastic and welcome a biodegradable cling film replacement from our wax sandwich wraps range.


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As well as our wax sandwich wraps, we also offer a wide range of options to live better. To find your everyday alternatives to single-use plastic and start embracing a more sustainable lifestyle today, search through our Travel MugsSilicone Bowl Covers and Leak-proof Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes.

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