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Smidge & Marine Conservation Society

Smidge & Marine Conservation Society

We’ve done a bit of research

on the top 10 most common litter finds on the beach.

Here’s the full list:


Cigarette butts,

plastic bottles, bottle caps,

food wrappers, foam take away containers,

plastic bags, plastic lids,

straws & stirrers, glass bottles,

other plastic bags.


Sadly, we were not shocked to find out that 8 out of 10 are plastic.


Marine litter harms over 600 marine species annually.

By 2050, 99% of seabirds will have ingested plastic of some kind,

and 15% of species affected by ingestion are endangered.

Marine life

To say that these stats are worrying is an understatement,

so we’ve decided to team up with the Marine Conservation Society

to focus on what we can do to help a little.


For every product purchased from our Natural Collection,

10p will go to the Marine Conservation Society

to help them make our seas a little cleaner and their inhabitants a little happier.

Reduce plastic waste at home and at work

But using Smidge is not the only way to help,

here are some great tips to reduce plastic

from the Marine Conservation Society:


 At home


Ditch disposable coffee cups, single use water cups and bottles, plastic straws and cutlery,

and encourage everyone to take their personal cups, bottles, straws and cutlery out with them.


At work


Remove individual rubbish bins and replace with central recycling points.

Carry out work waste audits to find out how much waste you’re producing.


When ordering supplies, request zero plastic and polystyrene packaging.


 And last but not least…


Take part in the Marine Conservation Society's Plastic Challenge in July.