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Meet Smidge

Hello. Here's a bit about us.

After reading the nth article in the news about single-use plastic

and how it affects the places we live in,

it slowly started to sink in what a huge effect plastic waste has on our environment.

And we thought, maybe we can help a little…


“Did you know… plastic, it’s a big thing.”

Turtle eating a plastic bag

The U.K. produces 5m tons of single use plastic every year.

That’s enough to fill the Albert Hall 1000 times.


Annually, 2.5bln coffee cups are thrown away,

of which 99.75% can’t be recycled.


Currently 100,000 sea mammals die every year

from eating or getting tangled in plastic waste.

And ocean plastic is set to triple in a decade.


Luckily, more recent news is looking a bit brighter,

with new measures put in place on a larger scale.

Tides of change

Plastic bag usage has dropped 85% since the 5p charge was introduced.

Coffee shops are offering incentives for customers to use reusable cups.

The U.K.’s government has committed to reduce unnecessary plastic.

Hey, we can help too! Meet Smidge.

We’re affordable.

We’re responsible.

We’re optimistic.


We are Smidge.

And our aim is simple.


“We’d like to help play a part

in reducing plastic pollution,

including but not only single-use plastics.”

Let's make a difference. Starting with the little things.